Whitetail Deer Hunting

Located in Adams County, Ohio - one of the top counties in the Unites States to harvest a Boone & Crockett Whitetail - Seraphim Ranch's Whitetail hunting truly is "as good as it gets".  Famous deer taken from Adams County include John Schumacher's "Amish Buck" (a huge non-typical with a 291 2/8 net B/C score), the "Courthouse Buck" (246 1/8 B/C score) and In 2006, Justin Metzner harvested a giant typical buck scoring 196-6/8 B/C points on land bordering Brush Creek State Forest.  The very same Brush Creek habitat that produced the Metzner buck flows through the heart of Seraphim Ranch and has become the namesake for our incredible new Brush Creek Home. 

During the 2009 hunting season the average buck harvested at Seraphim Ranch scored 147 inches - including a 180 class and several 160 and 170 class bucks. 

The Seraphim Ranch Whitetail Hunting Operation Features:

  • Over 9,000 acres of free-range, "fair chase" hunting
  • Outdoor shooting ranges and 3-D archery courses at several of our lodge locations.
  • Transportation to and from stands and professional guides led by Real McCoy Outdoors (a family-owned operation with 30+ years hunting this region)
  • Low hunting pressure – with no more than 12 hunters on our 9,000 acres at any one time
  • Over 100 pre-set treestand locations, including 22 ft. ladder stands, lock-ons, covered box blinds and more. Want to use your own?  Bring it along. 
  • Live Buckeye Cam™ trail camera network, to help locate your trophy.
  • Archery, muzzle-loader and shotgun season hunts
  • Field-dressing, game processing and taxidermy services available
  • Cameraman and hunt filming services available


If you are an upland hunter with a passion for wingshooting, Seraphim ranch is a little slice of paradise.  The Ranch offers several large bird fields which are professionally managed to provide the food, cover and dusting areas that game birds need to thrive.

With a goal to have over 1,000 acres of professionally managed upland bird hunting fields by 2012, Seraphim Ranch is developing one of the absolute best upland hunting operations in the lower mid-west. 

The Seraphim Ranch Wingshooting Operation Features:

  • Fields planted with Hunter's Bird Blend from Saddle Pro Seed (Buckwheat, Milo, Peas, Rice, Sunflower and Soybean)
  • Four-foot dwarf corn and sunflowers have also been planted to provide another great food source that is easy to shoot over.
  • American Plumb and Hazelnut bushes are strategically planted in our fields, providing natural protective cover for Quail and other upland game. 
  • Smith-O'Neal quail management program used
  • Luxury kennels provided for member/guest dogs
  • Professionally trained upland dogs also available
  • 5-Stand, field skeet, wobble trap and more available on-site

Turkey Hunting

The same habitat, food sources and game management practices that sustain our quality deer herd also provide for a thriving Eastern Wild Turkey population.  Seraphim Ranch offers turkey hunting opportunities in both the spring and the fall for archery and shotgun hunters.  

During the 2010 spring turkey hunting season Seraphim Ranch turkey hunters managed a 91% success rate, with 32 kills recorded by 35 hunters. 

The Seraphim Ranch Turkey Hunting Operation Features:

  • Our turkey hunting experience and guides are endorsed hunting Dick Kirby, founder of Quaker Boy Hunting Products.     
  • Thousands of acres of naturally great Turkey habitat and low hunting pressure
  • Game management practices that keep healthy Turkey populations on the Ranch 
  • Hunts guided by Real McCoy Outdoors (a family-owned operation with 30+ years hunting this region)
  • Low hunting pressure 
  • Live Buckeye Cam™ trail camera network, to help locate where the birds are
  • Cameraman and hunt filming services available

Waterfowl Hunting

Whether you want to hunt Brush Creek, local crop fields, the big water of the Ohio River, or flooded timber in Arkansas - Seraphim Ranch provides incredible venues and waterfowl hunting experiences for your enjoyment.  We provide exciting hunts for both experienced waterfowlers or corporate groups that would simply like to provide fun, relationship building experience for their team.

"When hunting the Brush Creek for early season Wood Ducks last year we had over 200 birds come in on us in two hours!"  -Dan Griffin

The Seraphim Ranch Waterfowl Hunting Operation Features:

  • Phenomenal, early-season wood duck hunts along Seraphim's Brush Creek.  
  • Exciting late-season hunts on the Ohio River
  • Early and late season field hunts for both ducks and geese
  • Road-trip hunts to Stuttgart, Arkansas – the duck hunting capital of the world! (Members, guests or corporate groups )

Specialty Hunts

Perhaps you are ready for a new hunting adventure?  If so, we can likely offer that too.  For example, Seraphim Ranch offers nighttime raccoon hunts with professionally trained dogs, or predator hunts for coyotes. These are new experiences for many hunters and an absolute blast!  

If you would like to book a specialty hunt as part of your Seraphim Ranch experience just let us know and we will get you set up!



To book this activity please call 937-549-3344.